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On the Beara peninsula in West Cork, a temperate rainforest flourishes. It is the life workof Eoghan Daltun, who had a vision to rewild a 73-acre farm he bought, moving therefrom Dublin with his family in 2009.

AN IRISH ATLANTIC RAINFOREST charts that remarkable journey. Part memoir, partenvironmental treatise, as a wild forest bursts into life before our eyes, we're also invitedto consider the burning issues of our time: climate breakdown, ecological collapse, andwhy our very survival as a species requires that we urgently, and radically, transform ourrelationship with nature.

This is a story as much about doing nothing as taking action - allowing natural ecosystemsto return and thrive without interference, and in doing so heal an ailing planet.Powerfully descriptive, lovingly told, AN IRISH ATLANTIC RAINFOREST presents an enduringpicture of the regenerative force of nature, and how one Irishman let it happen.

An Irish Atlantic Rainforest - Eoghan Daltun

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