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A dazzling new novel of friendship, identity and the unknowability of other people - from the international bestselling author of Home Fire , winner of the Women's Prize for Fiction.


Fourteen year old Maryam and Zahra are the best of friends, and have been for over a decade, sharing jokes, secrets and a love for George Michael.


The year is 1988 and Pakistan is emerging from a dictatorship and anything seems possible for the girls but a snap decision at a party celebrating the return of democracy soon brings the girls' childhoods to a sudden end.


Three decades later, in London, Zahra and Maryam are still best friends despite living very different lives. When two troubling figures from their past resurface, the girls are forced to confront their differences, their friendship depending on it.


BEST OF FRIENDS is a story about power, and how we use it - for the good or for the bad.



Best of Friends - Kamila Shamsie

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