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Colm O’Regan grew up on a small farm where his family planted lots of trees and grew most of their own food, but his father also happened to burn rubbish in a barrel and loaded the soil with 10-10-20.

Now a father himself, Colm O’Regan tries to do his bit by cycling and recycling, but he still ends up putting his foot in the mulch. CLIMATE WORRIER is a book full of hypocrisies – how in trying to do the right thing, there’s always someone who will point out that, actually, you’re wrong. But even though it’s not easy being green, the important thing is to try.

Colm O’Regan is flying the flag for the eco-anxious and the environmentally stressed.

So if you have ever…

•Jumped in your diesel car to go foraging for blackberries

• Waged war on wasps only to find out that they’re as important as bees

• Thrown caution to the wind and slurped your milkshake through a plastic straw

…this is the book for you.

Climate Worrier - Colm O’Regan

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