An exhilarating and heart-rending novel about family, and all the ways we try- and fail - to escape them

Kate meticulously plans a dinner to mark the anniversary of a death in thefamily, from the fancy table setting to the perfect baked alaska waiting in thefreezer. But by the end of the night, dessert is in the bin, the guests aregone, and Kate is spinning out of control.Set over four periods from the 1990s to the present day, between Carlow andDublin, the family farmhouse and Trinity College, DINNER PARTY is abeautifully observed, dark and twisty novel that thrillingly unravels into pastfamily secrets and tragedy. Kate is coming to terms both with what it meansto be a survivor, as well as a longstanding battle with anorexia.Haunting and unforgettable, DINNER PARTY explores, in searing detail, howthe past informs the present, the inevitability of childhood damageresurfacing in later life - and yet, how despite everything, we can't helpreturning home.

Dinner Party ~ Sarah Gilmartin