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In Donal's 10th cookbook he offers a collection of simplified and doable classic recipes to help you reclaim your kitchen without sacrificing time or flavour. Veg-packed food has never looked this good! With 15/30 minute meals, one pot wonders, meals to prep ahead, easy dinner favourites, recipes to batch cook and freeze, and dessert classics, these recipes will help you to manage life and all its twists and turns, while still managing to pull together meals that are nourishing, vibrant and delicious. Recipes feature Crispy Duck Hoisin Lettuce Wraps, Oven Roasted Ratatouille, Roast Cherry Tomato Pici with Basil & Buratta, Crispy Egg Fried Rice Bowls, Smokey Fish Pie with Velvet Mash, No Cook Lemon Cream Pie and Boozy Brownie Meringue Cake - there's something for everyone. Armed with meal planner suggestions and Donal's helpful cooks notes, you'll find a helpful routine, ways to make your kitchen work for you and a range of recipes to bring ease, flavour and speed to your everyday cooking.

Everyday Cook - Donal Skeehan

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