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Before IT ENDS WITH US, it started with Atlas.

Lily and Ryle have just settled into a civil co-parenting rhythm with their daughter, Emerson, when Lily suddenly runs into Atlas nearly two years after they last spoke. Elated that the timing finally seems to be right to give what they have together a real chance, Atlas asks Lily on a date.

But Lily’s excitement is almost immediately replaced by dread and anxiety when Lily remembers that Ryle, though no longer her husband, is still very much part of her life. And though Ryle would dislike Lily dating anyone but him, Atlas Corrigan is the one man he absolutely will not stand having in his ex-wife and daughter’s lives.

Told from the perspectives of Lily and Atlas, IT STARTS WITH US gives the reader a deeper look into Atlas’s past as he and Lily reconnect and rekindle the love they shared as teenagers while navigating a volatile ex-husband who believes Atlas to be one of the reasons his marriage with Lily ended.

IT STARTS WITH US picks up right where the epilogue for IT ENDS WITH US left off, giving readers the exhilarating sequel to Colleen’s bestselling phenomenon they have been begging for!

It Starts With Us - Colleen Hoover

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