From the star of The Duchess and the host of 'Telling Everybody Everything', the debut book from superstar comedian Katherine Ryan. 

Detailing Ryan’s journey from a naïve ex-Hooters waitress fresh off the boat from Canada to comedy megastar, chapters will include How to Potty Train Your Baby at 10 Months, How to cut off your Racist Aunties, How to Marry your High School Boyfriend and How to Co-Parent when you’re a Single Mum.

Ryan said: ‘While I’ve been very blessed to have worked in comedy for over a decade, the book gives me theopportunity to connect with people more fully and honestly than a panel show allows. I’ve learned to be a sharpshooter on stage, but there are so many stories that I’m eager to tell in more sincere, longer form. I hope it gives people a laugh, an insight, and hopefully some encouragement on how to live their most fulfilled, authentic lives. I’m so lucky to be partnering with Bonnier, a most dedicated team of women already responsible for publishing some of my favourite titles.

The Audacity - Katherine Ryan