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It's summer, and the Friendship Fairies, Emme, Holly and Jess, are off to Camp Tìr na nÓg to help Sir Prize mind his animals and learn lots about looking after the environment.   But the Barns boys are going too, so you can be sure there'll be trouble!   Will Emme be able to help clean the ocean? Will Jess meet the magical people who live in the forest? But most importantly, will Holly manage to earn the trust of Riley, the rescued Chunga-Wunga?   As always with the Friendship Fairies, it's going to be an adventure! This is the third in Lucy Kennedy's timeless bestselling series of children's stories about making friends and fitting in. 'A real balm for kids . the timeliness and kindness just ooze out of the pages.' Ryan Tubridy 

The Friendship Fairies Go To Camp - Lucy Kennedy

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